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Balancing an insistent schedule with a congenial personal life, managing a specific event and life transformation can be challenging. The overwhelmed emotions, uncertainty, anxiety, or depressed feelings can sometimes overflow.  It is difficult to find the time and stay connected with ourselves. Art therapy can empower individuals to express inner thoughts and find a way to unpack burdens or obstacles that have been stopping them from going further.




Art Therapy uncovers and eases issues through a creative process that is conducted in a safe, soothing, and calming space. Leading towards a greater capability of self-healing, understanding and healthier relationships with others.  It is a therapeutic, nonjudgmental approach that encompasses the creative process and psychotherapy to help individuals to convey and explore when verbal communication is difficult. 

Using art therapy as a primal method to guide my clients in a safe, trustworthy environment. I work collaboratively with clients and facilitate self-awareness while gradually reveal inner conflict throughout the exploration of art mediums and inspirational processes. We will have a joint understanding of the difficulties and will tailor each treatment plan for the individual. We can establish self-acceptance fostered by the expression that occurred within therapy.

The nonverbal communication feature of art therapy allows children, youths and adults to indulge in a safe, soothing (sometimes playful!) space to find your innate power of healing.



Typically, I will invite you to engage in an art activity with a consultation. We will discuss your need through the way you manifest artwork and collaboratively determine the therapy goal.

No previous art experience is necessary.

Engage within the creative process of art therapy will channel you to focus on external and interpersonal relations.


The art-making process, manifestation, mediums are all the factors that reflect your trait, growth, consciousness and potential. Intentionally bringing awareness to the present or self-understanding in a non-judgmental way. When you allow yourself to engage in the process, the more possibility of access to self-awareness, self-compassion, and creative solutions will occur. 


Currently, only online sessions are available due to the pandemic. Hence, preparing your own art materials is essential. Use anything that is available such as crayon, drawing paper, clay or yarns. Natural and recycled objects are welcomed. Simply a pencil and a piece of paper is also a good start.


I am glad that I tried virtual art therapy sessions through a friend’s advice. It helps me to think about my feeling and state and let me perceive my self-worth.  

-  Miss J  -

Ellen helps me to relax when anxiety arises. 
After a couple of sessions, I feel energized and reinforced by every minor improvement.

- L.T -

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